Warehouse Equipment

From a simple one truck solution to a complete fleet of warehouse forklifts and equipment, as approved dealers for the extensive TCM range we have the solution for every application with a wide range of new & used forklifts for sale or for hire.

Reach Trucks

To help reduce repetitive strain injuries and fine-tune the safety and ergonomics of TCM Reach Trucks, scientific studies were performed involving truck operators and logistic managers. As a result, the TCM Reach Truck range delivers industry-leading comfort, safety and reliability.

RTS Series

1.2 – 1.5 TONNE
Lift Height: 4,950-10,350

Very Narrow Operations

The TCM URF is a highly sophisticated very narrow aisle truck with swivel-reach. Its forks rotate horizontally through 180 degrees to allow stacking on either side of the aisle, and to the front. This truck can be used in free-ranging operations around the warehouse or with rail or wire guided operation in aisles as narrow as 1.5 metres. This allows for optimum space utilisation of the warehouse and is a faster, simpler solution than man-up operation.

Key Features:

  • Three stage masts with Freelift covering lift heights from 2900mm to 5700mm
  • Ergo Logic multi-functional lever operation
  • Fast Operation: Horizontal guide rollers assist the RTF with precision travel, while other options include vertical rollers for U channels and guide-by-wire technology for very narrow aisles. Furthering productivity and minimising risk of damaging stock or racking.
  • Swivel Reach: Turning through 180 degrees, the RTF’s rotating forks allow you to stack at either side or in front, giving your workforce the flexibility they need to advance efficiency
  • Very Narrow Aisle: The RTF can be used in aisles which are as narrow as 1.5m wide, this means that through very narrow aisle racking you can save up to 50%  more space when compared to traditional racking, find out more…
  • Optional level selector, height indicator, impact warning and recording sensor
  • Battery capacities to suit light, medium and heavy duty operations 

CAM Forklift Trucks are specialist suppliers of Counterbalanced Forklifts, Warehouse Equipment, and Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment; including Reach Trucks, Hand Pallet Trucks, Powered Pallet Trucks and Order Pickers, and VNA (Very Narrow Aisle), Sideloaders, Used forklifts and Used Equipment, scrubbers and sweepers.