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Combilift is the world's first IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive multi-directional forklift. The innovative truck is a combination of a forklift and a sideloader that is highly maneuverable, very safe, highly cost effective and supremely efficient.


1.45 TONNE

A Walk In The Park

2014 FLTA Ergonomics Award Winner

The Combilift WR range was born in response to a range of customer feedback claiming clients were looking for a cost effective, more manoeuvrable, smaller unit for handling a variety of loads safely in areas where the public and employees were present. This resulted in them creating the only pedestrian reach stacker that can work in an aisle of only 2 metres pallet-to-pallet. However do not let its compact and manoeuvrable nature make you think it cannot put in a shift, the WR has a lift height of 4.2 metres and a load capacity of 1450kg, as well as sideshift, power steering and a pantograph reach system.

With its unique patented multi-position tiller, electronic power steering and fingertip controls it is easy and effortless to operate: push button control rotates the rear wheel parallel to the chassis and back again which reduces the need for leaning, reaching and bending and minimises general manual strain when picking and placing loads. 

Furthermore, as a testimony to the WR4's class it has won the Fork Lift Truck Association's Ergonomics award. Which the FLTA commented on: “The Ergonomics Award celebrates Combilift’s drive to keep fork lift truck operators comfortable and safe, while achieving the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.”

Key Features:

  • Two Speed Operation: Two customisable speeds which can be tailored to your working environment, allowing you to get the most out of your truck. Furthermore the WR automatically reduces speed when cornering to further improve safety.
  • Unique Multi-Position Tiller: Which allows the rear wheels to be turned parallel to the chassis at the touch of a button allowing for safer position and easier picking from the aisle. Furthermore this allows the operator to work from the side of the truck rather than behind it giving greater visibility and ensuring the operator doesn’t have to be between the truck and the racking so reducing the chance of crushing or injury.
  • Very Narrow Aisle: Only needing a 2 metre pallet-to-pallet gap, the WR range allows you to optimise your warehouse space.
  • Four-Way Option Available: Allowing you to both block stack and travel sideways with awkward loads, saving you time and money.

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Model Rated capacity (kgs) Load centre (mm) Wheelbase (mm) Chassis width (mm) Lift heights (mm)
WR 1450 600 1172 1320 3000
WR4 1450 600 1120 1512 4200

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