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From a simple one truck solution to a complete fleet of warehouse forklifts and equipment. As approved dealers for the extensive TCM range we have the solution for every application with a wide range of new & used forklifts for sale or for hire.


Combilift is the world's first IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive multi-directional forklift. The innovative truck is a combination of a forklift and a sideloader that is highly maneuverable, very safe, highly cost effective and supremely efficient.

C Series

2,500 - 25,000 KG

Three machines in one...

The C-Series is an extensive product range that encompasses a solution to almost every warehouse need. Firstly the C series is multitalented and can act as a counterbalance, side loader or aisle truck. The models range from 2.5 tonne to a colossal 25 tonne and the range is also available in LP gas, diesel engines and electric/battery powered. With all trucks being suitable for in and outdoors, four way manoeuvrability and lifting from 2.5-25 tonne, the C series is bound to have a machine perfect for your specific application.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Directional Operation: Allowing you to both block stack and travel sideways with awkward loads, saving you time and money.
  • Indoors and Out: The C Series large super elastic tyres and hydrostatic drive make light work of loading and off-loading in semi-rough yards, and ensure a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. Therefore the C Series can be used for multi purposes minimising the need for more than one type of truck.
  • Tailored To You: With a great selection of custom attachments and an option to customise platform length the C Series can be specifically tailored to your businesses needs.
  • Low Maintenance: Dependability matters, therefore C Series hydrostatic drive system eliminates the problems associated with batteries and brake motors, further reducing maintenance and overall running costs.
  • Safety and Comfort: Manufacturing standards at C-Series have long been in accordance with the stringent USA regulations. All the fundamental aspects of the C Series design, from the overhead guard for enhanced driver protection, the ergonomics of the controls, down to the high quality seating, guarantee the highest level of operator safety and comfort. Ensuring your staff aren't only safe, but comfortable meaning they can put in more of a shift.
  • Safer Product Handling: Combilift can carry the load at a low level using the integrated platform. This keeps the load at a low centre of gravity, which means there is greater stability compared to a conventional forklift travelling with the load lifted high. 
    The enclosed cabin gives the driver full 360 degree visibility at all times. This is important when lifting and transporting loads, and working in areas where there are pedestrians present.
  • Long Loads Handling: The Combilift's nartrow design eliminates the unnecessary multiple handling of goods by being able to manoeuvre easily through doorways narrower than the load it carries. Furthermore the Combilift is easily narrow enough to fit through your average doorway, so there is no need to install wider doorways. It can also move straight into the aisle, eliminating the need for trolleys or roller conveyors. Having one vehicle capable of performing multiple tasks saves on time and on costs drastically.

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Combilift Range

Model Rated capacity (kgs) Load centre (mm) Wheelbase (mm) Chassis width (mm) Lift heights (mm)
C2500 2500 600 1528 2190 4040
C3000 3000 600 1878 2800 4040
C3500 3500 450 1565 2190 4040
C4000 4000 600 1915 2190 4040
C4500 4500 600 1150 2190 4040
C4000 E 4000 600 1895 2270 4040
C5000 XL 5000 600 2070 2235 4040
C6000 6000 600 1915 2800 4536
C8000 8000 600 2155 2800 4536
C10,000 10,000 600 2555 2800 4100
C12,000 12,000 600 2555 2800 4100
C14,000 14,000 600 2315 3510 4100
C25,000 25,000 1200 3910 5000 4120

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