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From a simple one truck solution to a complete fleet of warehouse forklifts and equipment. As approved dealers for the extensive TCM range we have the solution for every application with a wide range of new & used forklifts for sale or for hire.

Articulated Forklifts

The Aisle-Master VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) articulated forklift is the versatile forkllift truck that does it all. It works in narrow aisles to enable a dramatic reduction of working aisle widths in the warehouse. This delivers up to 50% more warehouse storage space.

LPG Aisle-Master

Aisle Master LPG Articulated Forklift
Up to 2.5 TONNE
Lift Heights up to 15m

The Versatile Forklift That Does It ALL.

Working in very narrow aisles, the Aisle Master enables you to dramatically reduce the working aisle widths of your warehouse. This can increase the amount of storage space available by up to 50%. The Aisle-Master forklift is designed to work both inside and out, and it is so versatile it can perform the work of both reach and counterbalance forklifts for quicker operations. This reduces the number of trucks you need and ultimately reduces costs. It has even won a host of FLTA national awards, including most recently the innovation award for its cold store model.

  • Excels in tight warehouse environments: Therefore can help you dramatically reduce the working aisle widths, creating up to 50% more storage space which will dramatically decrease warehouse costs.
  • 15 Metre Mast Height: Not only does the Aisle Master utilise your warehouse in the sense of aisle widths, but with a 15 metre mast height you can make the most of the vertical space of the warehouse.
  • Side Shift: Furthering the machines tight environment specialism, the Aisle-Master is equipped with side shift as standard. Creating easy pallet picking and positioning without moving the truck itself.
  • Easy Operation: The Aisle-Master couldn't be easier to operate. The articulated design enables the operator to drive to the center of the pallet required, turn the steering and mast through 90 degrees, then drive directly into the pallet. The operator then simply reverses out while unwinding the steering wheel.
  • Indoors and Out: The Aisle-Master's large super elastic tyres and hydrostatic drive make light work of loading and off-loading in semi-rough yards, and ensure a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. The versatility of the Aisle-Masters enables you to be adaptable to the job and reducing the number of trucks needed.
  • Low Maintenance: Dependability matters, therefore Aisle-Master's hydrostatic drive system eliminates the problems associated with batteries and brake motors, further reducing maintenance and overall running costs.
  • Safety and Comfort: Manufacturing standards at Aisle-Master have long been in accordance with the stringent USA regulations. All the fundamental aspects of the Aisle-Masters design, from the overhead guard for enhanced driver protection, the ergonomics of the controls, down to the high quality seating, guarantee the highest level of operator safety and comfort. Ensuring your staff aren't only safe, but fatigue is minimised.

Not only can we supply the space optimising Aisle-Master, but CAM also have unparalleled insight into your warehouse, including the supply of space saving racking which can optimise the use of your aisle master. 

To find out how the multi award winning Aisle-Master can benefit your operation specifically call CAM today.

Model Rated capacity (kgs) Load centre (mm) Wheelbase (mm) Chassis width (mm) Lift heights (mm)
20S / 44S Std 2000 600 1890 1350 4750-5358
20WH / 44WH Wide 2000 600 1890 1500 7052-7913

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