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Hako Sweepmaster 980

Hako Sweepmaster 980 (Jonas)
7,200 M²/H

Providing a high sweeping performance for your commercial needs

Tha Hako Sweepmaster 980, previously know as the Jonas 980, ensures all sweeping tasks are completed reliably, economically and with the highest level of availability. Boasting a long service life and an operating time of 4 hours, the Sweepmaster 980 doesn't only present quality, but durability and reliability. Furthermore the heavy duty construction of the Sweepmaster makes it particularly robust, guaranteeing it can cope with continuous operation. Additionally, the machine is built for the long-term, presenting minimal life costs which in co ordinance with the improvements in efficiencies would more than pay for themselves, maximising profits.

Key Features:

  • Hako Quality: Shorter downtimes and reduced operating costs as well as low-cost maintenance and time saving service, Hako quality pays dividends.
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability: With a maximum steering angle of 90° in both directions it is possible to turn in aisles, which is not only convenient for the driver, but saves time and improves productivity.
  • Simple Maintenance: Direct access to the engine compartment makes for easy maintenance and servicing purposes to ensure minimal downtime.
  • Simple Operation: Large steering wheel for easy storing, well arranged, convenient operating elements make it simple to use. Decreasing not only the length of training, but also the frequency.
  • Powerful Drive: The Sweepmaster 980 makes short work of gradients up to 16%, meaning it will tackle your ramps efficiently with no problem.
  • Special Equipment For Special Demands: No two tasks are the same, therefore the Sweepmaster 980 can be tailored to your requirements with various attachments, allowing you to assemble the machine you need precisely.
  • Hako Sweepmaster 980-E: For exhaust-free indoor applications with electric drive and different types of battery system.

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