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Hako Sweepmaster 1200

Hako Sweepmaster 1200 (Jonas)
10,300 m²/h

More power, more speed, more comfort, well-conceived technology for extreme flexibility

Hako Sweepmaster models are firmly positioned in the top category of ride-on sweepers, so it's no surprise that the Sweepmaster 1200 is designed with efficiency and ease of repair in mind. It's effective sweeping unit, high performance filter system and powerful motors ensure quick and particularly efficient dust-free sweeping of warehouses, production plants and hard-surfaced outdoor facilities. Boasting a long service life and an operating time of 10 hours (combustion) and 5 hours (electric), theSweepmaster 1200 doesn't only present quality, but durability and reliability. Furthermore, the way in which it is built for the long-term, presenting minimal life costs which in co ordinance with the improvements in efficiencies would more than pay for themselves, maximising profits.

Key Features

  • Hako Quality: Shorter downtimes and reduced operating costs as well as low-cost maintenance and time saving service, Hako quality pays dividends.
  • Automatic Hopper-Brush Adaptation (ABBA): Simple adjustment of the main cylindrical brush compensates wear and ensures perfect sweeping over the entire service life of the cylindrical brush, by furthering the efficiency of the brush over its life you can benefit from less frequent replacements.
  • Large 130 Litre Dirt Hopper: Paired with a hydraulic high dump 1.42m creates problem free emptying into a 1100 litre roller containers. Furthermore versatile sweeping system operates according to the overhead sweeping principle so that the dirt hopper is always completely filled, ensuring long operating times without interruptions. 
  • Low Vibration, Quiet and Smooth Running: Collectively creating a stress free environment for the long shifts, decreasing operator fatigue, and allowing your workforce to put full concentration on the job in hand, advancing productivity.
  • Simple Maintenance: The entire user platform can be pivoted open simply without the need for any tools, this and simplified parts make maintenance as easy as possible, minimising downtime.
  • Simple Operation: Manually operated easy-to-use switch and levers, the Jonas 100 requires little training. What's more the Sweepmaster 1200 is built ergonomically with the operator in mind, in addition full visibility advances productivity.
  • Special Equipment For Special Demands: No two tasks are the same, therefore the Sweepmaster 1200 can be tailored to your requirements with various attachments, allowing you to assemble the machine you need precisely.

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