Forklift Finance

CAM Forklift have partnered with TCM Forklift Finance (BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions) to arrange finance on forklifts for our customers. We offer a range of forklift finance packages.

Finance Lease

All the benefits of owning assets, just without any of the usual downsides.

Finance Lease

Want a hire option that pays dividends? Finance lease allows to you use the equipment without ever owning it, creating the flexibility you need in your ever changing business industry.

How Does Finance Lease Work?

  • Choose the piece of equipment you need and the payment period right for you
  • Agree a repayment amount to suit your budget
  • Pay an initial deposit to start your agreement
  • At the end of your lease agreement you have two attractive options
    1) Continue to use the asset paying nominal payments
    2) Sell it as our agent and benefit from a proportion of the sales proceeds

How do you benefit?

  • Finance available for up to 100% of the purchase price (excl. VAT), reducing upfront costs making it viable with even the smallest amount of capital
  • Flexible and tax efficient funding
  • VAT payable on the rentals, not upfront on the purchase of the equipment, meaning costs can be broken into smaller sums to help you ensure lack of capital doesn't hold your business back.
  • At the end of the agreement you can either retain the asset for a nominal annual sum or sell it and retain most of the sale proceeds, guaranteeing that the lease is flexible to you
  • You can normally offset the rentals against taxable profits
  • Freedom to make your own arrangements for maintenance, repairs and servicing

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