Forklift Finance

CAM Forklift have partnered with TCM Forklift Finance (BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions) to arrange finance on forklifts for our customers. We offer a range of forklift finance packages.

Contract Hire

The complete package

Contract Hire

Cash flow issues preventing you from operating efficiently?

Contract hire agreements offer a complete package, including delivery, maintenance, servicing and repairs relieving you of the worry of up keeping the asset. Like every part of the CAM process, we will employ a customer centric service, ensuring we understand the needs of your business, so we can advise you of the best solution. Best yet? In most cases, rentals are 100% allowable against tax.

How Does Hire Purchase Work?

  • Choose the piece of equipment you need, the payment period that's right for you
  • Agree a repayment amount to suit your budget
  • Pay an initial deposit to start your agreement
  • The balance is divided equally over the term and after the contract date ends we can pick it up

How do you benefit?

  • Complete Package - With delivery, maintenance, servicing and repairs covered there's no surprise costs
  • Frees up capital for other investments
  • Allows easy budgeting to allow you peace of mind over your cash flow
  • Deals are structured to your needs - rental and return conditions fixed to your specification
  • Tax-efficient - 100% of rentals paid are normally offset against taxable profits
  • Off-balance sheet funding - equipment does not depreciate on your balance sheet
  • Improves your gearing ratio
  • Rentals are classed as a revenue expense on your profit and loss account
  • Use of your equipment will increase productivity and therefore could pay for itself - rentals matched to income
  • VAT is payable on each rental rather than in full at the outset, meaning there is no need for a lump sum

Contractually hire peace of mind over your cash flow today, contact CAM.

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